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Interdisciplinary Centre for General Ecology (IKAÖ)


Accompanying Research

Focussing knowledge - Encouraging commitment - Facilitating mastery

The ten project groups in the focal topic From Knowledge to Action - New Paths towards Sustainable Consumption are accompanied by a special research project. This project will assist the project groups in their work and help to effectively link their activities. The accompanying research project elaborates syntheses, advances the national and international exchange of experiences, and in addition furthers the transformation process into key policy fields and areas of societal action, which is called for by the Social-Ecological Research Programme. The project aims not only to improve co-operation between the project groups but has also the task of monitoring the impacts of the focal topic From Knowledge to Action - New Paths towards Sustainable Consumption after the research phase of the project groups, and the task of formulating - in cooperation with the project groups - conclusions regarding the organisation and the quality assurance of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.

Thus, the immediate tasks of the accompanying project revolve around generating new knowledge, designing diffusion activities to supplement the measures taken by the project groups, and providing support for the projects. Indirectly they entail advising the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on societal and science policy matters. The latter activity does not constitute, however, a project or programme evaluation. Six concrete objectives for the accompanying research project arise from this:

  1. Synthesis
  2. Linking project activities
  3. Management support
  4. Quality assurance / Evaluation
  5. Diffusion / Transformation
  6. Monitoring.

To achieve these objectives, the project also designs and moderates the conferences that involve all project groups and monitors and documents the national and international state of research.

Interfakultäre Koordinationsstelle für Allgemeine Ökologie (IKAÖ) der Universität Bern (1988-2013)
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